Ultimate Cinque Terre Guide

In order to make planning your next trip here easy, here is our Ultimate guide through Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre was one of our favorite coastal destinations in our entire European trip!  Good food, beautiful towns, sun and sea, what more can you ask for?  Cinque Terre is a National Park on Italy’s western coast.  … Continue reading Ultimate Cinque Terre Guide

Favorite Budget accommodations in Europe

We have received questions from a few people about the accommodations we chose while we were in Europe last summer.  We consider ourselves budget travellers since we tried to keep all our accommodations between 50 and 90 canadian dollars per night, which in Europe during peak season can be a challenge.  The truth is that … Continue reading Favorite Budget accommodations in Europe

Italy and Croatia 5-week itinerary

Italy and Croatia were two destinations we were incredibly excited for!  Here is how we planned our Italy and Croatia Itinerary. Our trip to Italy and Croatia began with a flight into Rome.  We were in Rome for only 3 hours before we got onto a bus and headed south to Naples.  (Bus ride length: … Continue reading Italy and Croatia 5-week itinerary

Our Roadtrip through the Peloponnese

Our Peloponnese roadtrip brought us some of the most beautiful natural landscapes we have seen so far.  Even before leaving home, we LOVED roadtrips of all lengths and would jump on any opportunity to do one!  So when we were presented with the chance to roadtrip through one of Greece’s most beautiful mainland regions, we … Continue reading Our Roadtrip through the Peloponnese

Guide to Nice on a backpacker budget

Welcome to our guide to Nice on a backpacker budget! Nice is an absolute gem within the French Riviera.  We absolutely loved our time here and already can’t wait for the next time we’ll get to visit.  Nice is well known for being a fancier tourist destination.  The French Riviera in general is known to … Continue reading Guide to Nice on a backpacker budget

Top free attractions in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in all of Europe.  It is big, busy, and full of sights to see and activities to do.  With that being said, visiting all the top attractions can quickly blow a backpacker’s budget.  That is why we have made a list of our favorite free attractions in … Continue reading Top free attractions in Barcelona

Health and fitness expectations vs realities while traveling, and how to adjust

Four months ago, two athletic therapists/personal trainers left home on the adventure of a lifetime. While exploring some of the most beautiful places this world has to offer, we also had every intention of staying in the best shape possible. Needless to say, things don’t always go as planned. Here are some of the lessons … Continue reading Health and fitness expectations vs realities while traveling, and how to adjust

Guide to spending 48 hours in Altea, Spain

Altea is a small, quiet oceanside town on the Spanish costa blanca.  From the moment we stepped off the bus, we knew we would like it here.  Our first impression was that it felt like a mix of Lagos and the Greek cycladic islands.  It has the small town vibe that Lagos had combined with … Continue reading Guide to spending 48 hours in Altea, Spain

Guide to spending 1 day in Alicante, Spain

Alicante was our first stop in Spain.  After a total of 15 hours on buses, and a short stopover in Seville, we made it from Lagos to Alicante.  We did not know much about the city of Alicante other than it seemed like a nice place to stop on our way to Barcelona.  It turned … Continue reading Guide to spending 1 day in Alicante, Spain

10 reasons why we love Lagos

1.Small town vibe We spent 6 nights in Lagos and during that time we felt like we really got to know the town and a few of the small business owners that live there.  We thought it was awesome to see how all the locals know each other and how you see the same familiar … Continue reading 10 reasons why we love Lagos