How to spend 3 days in Lisbon,Portugal

3 full days was the perfect amount of time, in our opinion, to discover Lisbon as well as some nearby gems.  The first day was the one where we moved around the least.  We started our day with coffee and a pastry in Lisbon’s main square called Praça do Comércio.  It is a beautiful, colorful … Continue reading How to spend 3 days in Lisbon,Portugal

10 reasons why we love Lagos

1.Small town vibe We spent 6 nights in Lagos and during that time we felt like we really got to know the town and a few of the small business owners that live there.  We thought it was awesome to see how all the locals know each other and how you see the same familiar … Continue reading 10 reasons why we love Lagos

Our guide to the Algarve

 We want to start by stating that Portugal was the first country on this trip that absolutely stole our hearts.  The Algarve, in particular, left us speechless. We began our adventure through the Algarve in Lagos.  This is where we decided we would base ourselves to visit the rest of the coastline and it ended … Continue reading Our guide to the Algarve