About us

Hello and welcome!

We’re Ben and Bianca, a couple from Montreal, Canada, who are living out their dream of traveling around the world! We often talked about how we feel like we live in a world where everyone seems to be rushing to the get to the next step. So, after graduating from university, we decided to slow things down and take full advantage of being in our twenties and having the freedom to chase our dreams.

Putting our big kid careers on pause, we’re following our passion for adventure and seeing how many of our bucket list destinations we’ll be able to check off! Along the way, we’re enjoying documenting as much of it as possible for our friends and family, as well as for ourselves when we’re old and grey and looking back on how cool we once were.

And so, here we are! We will write about everything and anything that has to do with our travel stories and experiences, our attempts to maintain healthy lifestyles while on the road, as well as anything else that we think might inspire others to get out there and experience more of this big, beautiful planet! We will be posting travel guides, reviews, how-tos, as well as any other tips and tricks we have to make your future travels easier.

Lots of love,
Ben and Bianca