Traveling Australia – First impressions of Sydney

Traveling Australia is an experience of a lifetime!

We have now been in Sydney for 2 months and it absolutely feels like home.  We could both see ourselves living very happily here if only it weren’t so far away from everyone we love back home.  There will be many posts in the future about this incredible city but for now, here are our first impressions of Sydney, Australia.

1.The beaches are incredible

The beaches around Sydney are amazing!  They have incredibly soft white sand, beautiful blue water, great surfing waves and they are always so clean.  We have yet to see a beach that is full of plastic or trash.  People really respect their beaches here and you can find recycling bins all along every beach. 

2.Big emphasis on health

Almost every suburb in Sydney that we have been to is full of healthy cafés and restaurants.  The McDonalds are always much much emptier than the small restaurant serving pokébowls, salads, wraps, or any other healthier treats.  The gym culture is also very big here, and so are outdoor workouts.  At any point of the day around Bondi beach, a jogger will run past you every 5 minutes and you can always spot at least 10 people working out somewhere on the large grass area. 

3.Outdoor Culture

This ties in a bit with the previous point.  Since the beaches and the areas surrounding them are so awesome, people here are very outdoorsy.  The grass fields around the beaches are always full of people and you can always spot people in groups having a bbq (or as the aussies call it; a barbi), people by themselves just reading a book, going on walks, swimming or throwing a rugby ball around; anyways, I think you get what I am trying to say.  It creates such an amazing atmosphere and it really encourages a healthier and more active lifestyle. 

4.Worst birds

I don’t think I need to elaborate too much on this point.  Everyone who follows me (Bianca) on Instagram knows I have quite the fear of the famous Bin chickens around Sydney.  For those who don’t know what those are, they are birds the size of chickens with a very long and pointy beak who have no idea what personal space is.  They walk around everywhere like they own the place and they have no problem getting way too close for comfort.  Even bin chickens aside, the rest of the birds in Australia are massive and incredibly loud.  Safe to say, it wasn’t the best surprise Sydney had to offer. 

5.Athleisure clothes are a lifestyle

Since people are so into health and fitness, 80% of the people you see walking around Bondi will be wearing athletic clothes.  The first day we visited the Bondi area it was a bit chilly out and we were both wearing jeans and we really felt like outsiders!  Leggings and gym shorts are mostly what you will see regardless of the weather. 

6.Sydney is massive

Sydney is much larger than you would think.  The greater Sydney area encompasses a large amount of suburbs around the center of the city.  Keep that in mind when applying for a job in Sydney or you might end up accepting a job interview that is over an hour and a half away by train from where you live (oups). 

7.Coffee is a religion

It is official, Sydney (and most of Australia) has the best and widest variety of coffee drinks.  Who knew there were a dozen ways you can order a cappuccino?  On top of the normal size options, you can choose different kinds of milk (oat, almond, soy, cashew, regular, skim, cream), you can choose different temperatures (who knew that was a thing??), different syrups, different strengths of coffee, and different types of foam ( you can even get foam on the side, but why??) amongst other things I might not even know about.

8.People walk barefoot a lot

This point doesn’t require much explaining, but when you’re in Australia, expect to see people barefoot in grocery stores, shops, and on the street.  Definitely new to us, but hey being barefoot is so comfortable so more power to them!

9.It is expensive

Now this point wasn’t really a surprise because everyone we told we were going to live in Sydney told us it would be expensive.  And yet, we were still shocked at times.  A regular gym membership for 120$/months plus a 100$ activation fee… We now understand why so many people work out outside. 

10.Brunch is THE meal

On any day of the week, at almost any time of day, there will be people brunching.  Brunch is probably the most important and impressive meal of the day here.  The insane meals restaurants make for brunch will blow your mind. 

11.Early morning here means somewhere around 4 a.m.

It is shocking the amount of people that have already started their days at 5 am in Bondi.  By 6 am it is as busy outside as it is at 9 am.  It definitely motives you to want to seize the day early!

Sydney just might be our favorite city on earth, and we really hope that you get to experience it too at some point in your life.

We hope you enjoyed this post, see you next time!

Lots of Love,

Ben and Bianca

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